Time to Take a Look at your Bulletin Board

Call it a late New Year’s resolution or early spring cleaning, but now is the perfect time to for employers to take a look at their workplace bulletin boards to make sure they meet the various statutory requirements.

Employers are often surprised to learn just how many mandatory workplace postings there are.  To summarize, the following postings are required:

  • Ministry of Labour, Workplace Safety Poster “Health & Safety at Work”
  • Your organization’s Health & Safety Policy
  • Your organization’s Violence & Harassment Policy (if greater than 5 employees)
  • The names and work locations of your organization’s Joint Health & Safety Committee Members
  • WSIB, “In Case of Injury – 1234” Poster
  • Ministry of Labour, Employment Standards Act Poster “What You Should Know about the Ontario Employment Standards Act”

Looking at this list, if your bulletin board looks a little bare it is time to spruce it up.  As a next step, carefully review to make sure the information posted is accurate and current.  Policies and procedures, particularly with respect to health and safety issues, can only assist employees if they are up to date, and if employees are aware of them.


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