Minimum Wage to Rise June 1st

Regardless of what happens with the upcoming provincial election, one thing is for certain come this June; the minimum wage in Ontario will rise as of June 1st. Employers should therefore make sure they are familiar with the various rate changes described below.

The general minimum wage rate applies to most employees. The current rate is $10.25 per hour and it will rise to $11.00 per hour.

The student minimum wage applies to students under the age of 18 who work 28 hours a week or less when school is in session, or work during a school break or summer holidays. The current rate is $9.60 per hour and it will rise to $10.30 per hour.

The liquor servers minimum wage is lower and reflective of the additional income earned through tips in that industry. It applies to employees who serve liquor directly to customers or guests in licensed premises as a regular part of their work. “Licensed premises” are businesses for which a license or permit has been issued under the Liquor Licence Act. The current rate is $8.90 per hour and it will rise to $9.55 per hour.

The homeworkers minimum wage applies to employees who do paid work in their own homes. The work performed by individuals as homeworkers can be extremely varied. The Ministry of Labour provides the following examples: sewing clothes for a clothing manufacturer, answering telephone calls for a call centre, or writing software for a high-tech company. The current rate $11.28 per hour and it will rise to $12.10 per hour.

Finally, there is a special rate for hunting and fishing guides, which is based on blocks of time rather than an hourly rate.  Individuals employed in these jobs get a minimum amount for working less than five consecutive hours in a day, and a different amount for working five hours or more in a day. The current rates are $51.25 for less than five consecutive hours, and $102.50 for working five or more hours, regardless of whether the hours are consecutive. These rates will rise to $55.00 and $110.00 respectively.




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